Week 4

Genesis 3

In Genesis 3, God spotted Adam’s “raggedy butt” tiptoeing through the underbrush of the garden forest (hiding). Yeah, Adam had triggered an unpleasant need to be confronted by God because he had been an affront to God. Look, can you see him? Even if you can’t see him, I can see him quite clearly, and the reason I can see him is because I can easily see myself in him! I can see myself stupidly ducking and dodging under branches and dumbly trying to escape the peering, transcendent eyes of Father God. I can see my slumped shoulders carrying the moisture of fresh sin that’s dancing upon and dripping from my sin-burdened shoulders. I can see the dark smoky clouds of carnal thought seeping and escaping from the tunnels of my ears. I’m catching glimpses of the red spots on my eyes that stem from my visual fixation on multiple things that are unholy. I can see a faint stained imprint of female-shaped buttocks on the center of the palms of my hands, and they got there because I often grabbed and held them with all my Mandingo might, even though they weren’t mine to grab. I can see kernels of vain thought popping from the center of my brain because I previously bought into the jacked-up delusion that I was the master of my destiny.

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