Week 30
When God Ain’t Godly

Psalm 73

Here’s another secret that throbs inside the chest of a man. I’m almost scared to say it out loud, but here it is: There are instances when I or we feel God is simply not godly enough. The Psalmist, Asaph, stood flat-footed initially and told the truth about what he saw going on right under God’s seemingly questionable godly nose.

Yes, that’s right, there are times when God miserably fails to line up with our human expectations of Him, and that includes our need for Him to cooperate with our desire to see Him execute devastation when we think it ought to be so. Yes, at times, the simple truth is that God’s godly version of His godliness fails to satisfy our sometimes carnal expectation of what He ought to be. The sometimes disillusioned questioning of our hearts sounds something like this:

We ask, how can we, as men, TRUST a God who allows injustice after injustice to crackle, crunch, creep, and crap around our feet without rapidly straightening things out with a clap of thunder from His supposedly mighty hands? After all, how credible is divine might when it is kept in pretty wrapping paper while all hell is seemingly breaking loose in every tribe and nation?

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